New novel, ELVIS PRESLEY, CIA ASSASSIN, coming soon from Burning Bulb Press!

New Elvis Cover

I am pleased to announce that my third novel, Elvis Presley, CIA Assassin, will be available soon from Burning Bulb Press. This comedic novel details the real-life 1970 meeting between singer Elvis Presley and President Richard M. Nixon. It then supposes that Presley became a CIA operative, and later, after moving up through the ranks, faked his death to become a CIA assassin.

In the novel, Presley helps to spearhead the Watergate break-ins, has run-ins with other famous singers of the time, communicates with aliens at Area 51, and even attempts to take out the Ayatollah during the Iran hostage crisis.

I am pleased to see this new novel released through Burning Bulb Press. Although they are a fairly new publisher, they have already published books by such noted authors as John Russo (Night of the Living Dead), Wol-vrie, and Gary Lee Vincent. They have taken every step to ensure that the release of this novel is an epic one, and they have taken care of me every step of the way throughout the publication process.

It is my hope that you will run out and get this book as soon as possible. (Amazon links will be listed here as soon as the book is officially in print.)

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