by Andy Rausch

Uncle Sam beat me and raped my mama

Spit on my sister and raped my mama

He said that I looked like that man Osama

Or maybe I resembled Barack Obama

Nobody said shit, said that’s how it goes

Put me to work out amongst the corn rows

Was it my speech, could it be my corn rows?

Gave me a forty, a gun, and some hoes

Forty acres and a mule, as if that made us square

Just two-thirds of a man as if that shit was fair.


My ancestors helped to build this nation

Maybe they were African, maybe Haitian

Uncle Sam helped me to get an education

And kept on reminding me I wasn’t Caucasian

He pissed in my face and told me it was water

He killed my father then he raped my daughter

Told me I was equal but chuckled as he said it

And misrepresented the Bible when he said it

He sent me to war, put my finger on the trigger

Smiled and said, “You’re welcome, you nigger.”


He put me in the ghetto, said this is your place

You belong here along with the rest of your race

The rest of your kind, your people, you coloreds

Porch monkeys, spics, faggots and dullards

Divisions abound but they say that it’s equal

Still lock us away like it’s Slavery the Sequel

The cops abuse us, kill us just for the sport

Cause they know they’ll get acquitted in court

AmeriKKKa says don’t speak up, that isn’t polite

AmeriKKKa the free, just so long as you’re white.


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